Are you struggling with how to help young professionals to succeed in the workplace?

We help organisations and managers learn how to get the best out of the young professionals they work with.



We are currently working on developing an online module for managers to help their new professional through the first 90 days of their new job.  It covers everything needed to succeed as a manager of young professionals, and onboard graduates into a new office-based organisation.


Our Roadmap for Managing Young Professionals in the Workplace Maze



What you'll learn

By the end of the Office Savvy For Managers of Young Professionals course, learners will be able to:

  1. Develop and execute a plan to on-board the new professional

  2. Link in with existing organisational processes and identify what might be different for an YP

  3. Ensure team members are briefed on the YP’s role and expectations of team members in supporting the YP

  4. Explain some of the key generational differences and identify 3 strategies that the manager can use to get the best out of their new professional

  5. Develop a plan on how to introduce the YP to the team on their first day

  6. Identify who are the key people that the YP needs to know, what they each do and who to go for help

  7. Review guidelines on how to make positive impressions in the workplace and identify the top 5-10 behaviours important for your YP to know for your workplace

  8. Plan a meeting with your YP to discuss the guidelines and most important behaviours

  9. Gather and prepare information on performance and task expectations for your YP

  10. Identify the 5 key elements of quality feedback and assess own personal effectiveness in giving feedback

  11. Identify the 5 essential elements of Coaching and Mentoring and assess personal effectiveness

  12. Identify the 4 key ways of recognising/rewarding young professionals and use a tool to guide a conversation with a YP

  13. Use a tool to guide a conversation with your YP about their Development Plan (current role and career)

  14. Complete self-reflection on experience of managing a YP. 

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