Can I use Savvy Up programmes with my own learning management system (LMS)?

It depends on the LMS. In general, yes - Adeption's platform has been integrated into many others and we have another version of Office Savvy which uses Articulate Storylines and is therefore able to integrate with anything which is SCORM-compliant.

We’re familiar with a number of LMS and CMS platforms - please talk to us about which specific technologies you’re using so we can find a way to meet your needs.  

Is your programme SCORM-compliant? 

The Adeption platform isn't currently SCORM-compliant. However, we have another version of the Office Savvy programme which is available as uploadable SCORM packages. 

Is your platform mobile-friendly? 


How much does it cost?

Have a chat with us - the exact cost depends on how you want to use it and the format you need it in. If you’re a young professional (or the parent of a young professional) wanting to access the course directly to get a head start in your new role, we can arrange that too via our Talent LMS platform

What is social learning?

Social learning theory posits that we learn best when learning is centred within the context it’s needed in (i.e. the social and work environment). With this in mind, we use the Adeption platform because it allows us to bring in the social elements of peer learning (user comments, see what others have said about the same topic) to help cohorts use the platform. We also use the platform to encourage peer connection, to help young professionals grow their networks across organisations as well as within.

Why is context important? 

Our onboarding module Office Savvy is primarily centred within the first 90 days of a new role - it’s much easier for young professionals to understand and learn within their new context than in isolation. And by scaffolding the information across the 90-day period and just before, our 'just-in-time' structure feeds the knowledge to the learner when they most need it. (As one of our learners said to us during the testing phase, “Doing [the modules] as I go means that often I get the answer to a question I had that day.”)  

How many people in a cohort? 

Our Adeption platform is designed to work best with learning cohorts. The number of people in a cohort can vary, but we recommend 15-20 maximum.