We need an extraordinary intervention

We believe young professionals coming into the workforce today need an extraordinary intervention - help to enter the world of work. A mismatch between expectations and fewer roles available mean that young professionals are finding it increasingly hard to enter paid employment. This is also costing employers in both money and morale, with higher turnover, increased burnout and disengaged employees.

We talk regularly with young professionals, and their employers. We hear how they are struggling with the transition from school to work, how they have lost confidence in themselves and their abilities, how they don’t know what to do at work or feel lost. We hear the frustration from managers who aren’t sure how to manage these young professionals or what to do to help.

Savvy Up is our answer to this issue:  We work alongside employers and young professionals in a blended learning approach which includes peer mentorship, face-to-face coaching and online modules for young professionals and their managers.