Upwards Limited and Savvy at Work are two organisations collaborating to make Savvy Up. Upwards aims to help young people by teaching life skills and social skills, and Savvy at Work helps young professionals transition from study to the workplace. Together, we develop and provide a range of tools and resources to help young people get ahead at school and in the workplace.

We believe our young people need an extraordinary intervention - we know it’s hard to navigate the transition from school or tertiary study into a full-time job, so we’re working with employers and young people to help.

These include the Savvy Up programme: an on-boarding and development programme which provides organisations with online modules for their young professionals and managers, alongside face-to-face coaching and workshops where needed. Through Savvy Up, we want to grow a peer network of young professionals who can support each other to grow together in their careers, and in life.


Our vision is for all young people to be engaged in meaningful work, to be equipped to thrive in the workplace and to pass this knowledge on to others.

The kahikatea tree is our metaphor for growth: when it grows with others, it reaches its full potential and is the tallest in the forest. When it grows alone, it grows short and squat. Like the kahikatea tree, we believe that people grow to their full potential when they work together as a team and support each other upwards. 


Our values of courage, initiative, diversity and pae ora (loosely translated as the holistic well being of self, community and environment) are reflected in the work we do.