What is the programme? 

We have created the Office Savvy (previously called Workplace Expectations for Young Professionals) online course for young professionals to help them adjust to their new role. It covers preparation for a new role, up to the first 90 days of an office job.

How do we ensure the programme meets the needs of young people?

We test all our content and courses with young professionals, who help us co-develop. We have a "sounding board" of graduates who have helped us test and refine content from the beginning, as well as regularly talking to other young professionals.

Tania has been running successful graduate on-boarding programmes for many years, and Christina has an extensive background in web content development and e-learning.  While the module content is already proven, we regularly talk with a range of young professionals and adjust based on feedback, so we know it's meeting the needs of today's graduates (and their managers). 

We use a mix of blended learning and online content including video, quizzes and interactive content. The modules are structured to give 'just in time' learning across the first 90 days, so they are divided by time period: before you start, first week, first month, and first three months. 

The programme can be run as a blended approach with face-to-face workshops, or just with stand-alone online modules.

What Can you expect to learn?

By the end of the Office Savvy programme, learners will be able to:

  1. List at least two skills and qualities employers are looking for in their employees.

  2. Identify three elements of professionalism in appearance, dress and behaviour in the workplace

  3. Identify three strategies they can use if they don’t know what to do

  4. Develop and execute a plan to find out what work they will be doing and what they need to learn in order to do a great job

  5. Develop and execute a plan to find out more about who they will be working with

  6. Develop and execute a plan to find out more about how the organisation works

  7. Identify five strategies/techniques to better organise themselves

  8. Gather feedback and develop a personal development plan.

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