We have three platform versions of the Workplace Expectations for Young Professionals programme available, depending on your needs as an organisation. 

We prefer to use a blended learning approach (i.e. workshops plus online) as we believe this matches how people learn best.  

Savvy Up on Talent LMS

If you’re looking for Savvy Up for one or two (or a few more) people, you can purchase the course for an employee or whānau member here on our Talent LMS platform. We are also looking to partner with others - if you have courses which are aligned with our goals, and would like to host your courses on our platform, talk to us.

Savvy Up on Adeption: 

We use Adeption's (previously JumpShift's) Knowledge-to-Action platform because it allows us to integrate more social and peer network learning into our online courses. It's best suited for cohorts, either in a graduate programme or internship. However, we can also work with you to licence the Savvy Up content to fit other Learning Management Systems, depending on the system. Our pilot version of the Office Savvy (Workplace Expectations) course was hosted on Teachable, for example.  

Adeption are a New Zealand-based organisation whose unique platform enhances social and peer learning. We like it a lot. You can find out more about Adeption here

Savvy Up ON YOUR LMS (SCORM-compliant LMS package):

Do you have an existing Learning Management System (LMS) and simply want to purchase content to slot into that? We use Articulate Storylines to create a SCORM-compliant version of our programmes which you can simply upload into your LMS. (We use SCORM 1.2 as standard, but can do other formats too.)