Why invest in young professionals?

Today’s graduates are tomorrow’s leaders.

If the generation coming through lacks social and emotional skills, how are they to lead their organisations to future success? We need to address this now. 

Our new professionals are the future

By 2020 Gen Y (born 1980 – 1994) will form around 35% of the New Zealand workforce.  Gen Z (born 1995 – 2009) will form 12% of the workforce. We can’t afford to ignore the new ways of working which these young professionals bring.

Gen Y employee retention is tough                 

Around 60% of Gen Y leave their company in less than three years – this is a very expensive revolving door.                                 

They’re expensive to replace

A 2013 study found that 87% of companies reported it costs between $15,000 and $25,000 to replace each Gen Y employee they lose. Voluntary staff turnover of competent staff has a substantial lost productivity cost of between 50% and 300% of the staff member’s salary (depending on the role).

Getting on-boarding and training right is crucial to retaining your Gen Y talent. We can help. 


We've created proven programmes to help you manage and retain these young professionals.

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